Can the safety of the sock machine operation be optimized from these aspects?

Update:30 Aug 2019

1. During the operation of the socks machine, if the op […]

1. During the operation of the socks machine, if the operator of the operation wants to optimize the safety of its operation, before the formal operation, the operating staff must have the structure, performance, characteristics and precautions of the equipment. The aspects must be very familiar. Only in this way can the full effect of the equipment be fully utilized during the operation, and some safety hazards existing in the operation can be avoided.
2. Since the socks machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, it has very strict requirements on the operating environment during the operation. The staff must sort out the surrounding environment during the operation. Work, there can be no substances that have an impact on the equipment.
In fact, whether it is the operation of the socks machine or the operation of other types of equipment, the operator can optimize its safety from these aspects.