How does a fully automatic computer sock machine work?

Update:01 Mar 2019

How computer socks work 1. The servo motor drives the 1 […]

How computer socks work
The servo motor drives the 1:3 gear to drive the needle barrel of the sock machine to make circular rotation motion. The speed requirement is up to 333RPM (the servo is up to 1000RPM), and the needle lifting action of the needle barrel is completed by a stepping motor.
Movement process: the speed is set by the controller, the needle barrel rotates the stocking tube clockwise according to the set speed, and then the socks are started to make a forward rotation for three-quarters of a week and reverse three-quarters of the fast forward and reverse rotations. Exercise, after the end of the action, do the direction of movement at a slow speed.
Speed feedback: The feedback of the output signal of the sub-week is used to judge the actual motor speed. The weekly output is set to 2500pulse, and the actual motor speed required by the controller is basically consistent with the given speed.