How does the knitting machine knit high-quality products at high speed?

Update:10 Aug 2020

Knitting machine weaves high-quality products   &n […]

Knitting machine weaves high-quality products





1. High-quality parts and reasonable mechanism make the machine run more stable and have a longer service life.
2. Hanging-in industrial porcelain eyes (alumina) are installed at the outlet point of the horse ingot to replace the perforation operation. The reasonable structure of the horse ingot makes it quicker and simpler to replace the yarn tube and adjust the elasticity.
3. The automatic yarn breaking and power failure device of this machine is quick and accurate. When the packing core is used up or the thread is broken, the machine will automatically stop running, so in the case of unmanned operation, the machine can also be operated safely to increase output and reduce costs.
4. The motor adopts frequency conversion control, stepless speed change, easy to control the speed of speed, and overload protection.
5. Humanized design, safe and simple operation, direct and convenient machine maintenance.
6. It is not easy to break the thread during knitting and will not wear the surface of the raw material. After weaving, it will naturally have a higher quality. If there is a cored product, you can use automatic feeding. No matter the core is large or small, the amount can be sent correctly.
7. Standard parts supply and perfect after-sales service will provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of your machine.
 8. High quality, high speed, high quality, which will provide you with more space.