How to adjust the belt and spindle drive of the knitting machine?

Update:27 Jul 2020

How to adjust the spindle belt and spindle drive of the […]

How to adjust the spindle belt and spindle drive of the braiding machine:
The spindle is driven by the spindle belt. The spindles used in the spinning frame have cotton webbing and rubber belts. The cotton spindle belt has large elongation, short service life and low price; the rubber spindle belt has stable transmission, low vibration, low noise, energy saving, long service life, and is more expensive. In the long run, it is a development trend that rubber spindle belts replace cotton spindle belts and is worth promoting.



When sewing (or glueing) the spindle belt joint, installing the spindle belt reel frame and adjusting the transmission part, the following should be done:
① The spindle belt joint should be straight, soft and reliable; the spindle belt fixed length should be consistent. It is recommended that the width of the ingot belt is 9-10mm. The spindle belt joint should be straight, soft and reliable. The length of the joint should be 40mm. The joint direction should be the same as the rotation direction of the spindle. No twisting is allowed. The joint should be avoided from unevenness and cracking to reduce the impact and vibration of the joint on the spindle. Before bonding, the rubber ingot must be ground into a certain length of bevel (or both ends are bonded), positioned on the hot pressing tool (the upper and lower grinding surfaces are aligned and fixed), and then on the grinding surface Apply a thin layer of special adhesive, wait for a while to make it lie flatly, and then heat-press and glue the two sides and smooth them.
②The tension of the spindle should be appropriate
After adjusting the weight scale of the spindle reel and the angle of the spindle reel according to the process requirements, the appropriate spindle belt tension should be about 8N. The spindle belt (the middle part of the two spindles) can be hooked with a spring balance and pulled straight for testing. Excessive tension will increase the radial load of the bearings on the spindle and aggravate wear and affect the service life of the spindle. If the tension is too small, it is easy to stall, resulting in large differences in spindle speed and high yarn unevenness.
③The working position of the spindle should be normal
 The working position of the spindle belt is very important to the spindle drive. It is necessary to do a good job in positioning the height, front and rear, and left and right positions of the spindle and reel rack. High and low position: When the spindle reel frame is in the vertical position, the top surface of the spindle reel should be on the same horizontal plane as the center line of the arc groove of the spindle rod. If the horizontal position of the spindle is too high or too low, the spindle will not be centered. Sinking, rubbing the underside of the spindle rod disc, causing the spindle belt to impact the spindle vibration, and also make the spindle belt wear prematurely; floating up, causing the spindle to jump up, and the upper side of the napping spindle belt is damaged, which affects the quality of the yarn and increases the end breakage. It also causes abnormal wear of the lower cone of the spindle, resulting in damage to the spindle and great harm. Front and rear position: After the ingot reel rack is pushed forward and backward, it should not touch any parts, and there is a gap of not less than 13mm. The front and back swing is natural and flexible without tight rolling, and the swing angle is basically the same. The neck of the ingot reel rack can be adjusted. To correct the angle of the circle. Left and right position: The spindle belt should not rub against the spindle reel bracket or the side of the spindle reel during transmission. The surface of the spindle belt should not be adhered to flying flowers or oil. In order to make the surrounding arc of the spindle belt to the four spindles as close as possible to reduce the uneven twist, the position of the spindle belt reel frame should be as close to the left as possible (keep it 6- -8mm gap), based on the principle of not touching the spindle belt while driving. There should be no "dead spindle belt" phenomenon in the whole vehicle.