How to make the braiding machine bearings last longer?

Update:06 Jul 2020

How to make the braiding machine bearings last longer: […]

How to make the braiding machine bearings last longer:
   The current implementation standard of spindle bearing series products is still: FZ/T92025-1994 "DZ series spindle bearing" textile industry standard. The cage with the new reinforced nylon material has the following performance characteristics: First, the new cage uses engineering plastics-PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon material; second, the injection molding method is used, the cage has better processability, size and shape The stability is also good; third, the cage made of nylon material has a certain self-lubricating effect; fourth, by optimizing the design of the pocket structure, the swing amplitude of the roller during high-speed operation can be reduced, so that To a certain extent, reduce noise.
   First of all, when the spindle bearings in the spindle are running, they must be fully lubricated, and lubricating oil should be added regularly according to the actual use condition. Therefore, for user companies, better and more suitable spindle lubricants should be used. The new special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubricating performance, extend the oil change cycle, extend the service life of the spindle and bearings, and also have good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.
  Secondly, bearings with reinforced nylon material cages should be used at temperatures below 120°C. Oil boiling cleaning is strictly prohibited.
   In addition, the maintenance and cleaning of the spindle should pay attention to methods to prevent damage and scratches on the roller surface. To remove residues from the bearing parts as much as possible, the method of washing and sucking the residual oil inside the spindle feet should be used. Attention should be paid to avoid the dumping and the accumulation of cleaning garbage remaining in the bearing part, resulting in bearing noise, wear and other problems.