How to thread a large computer hosiery and how to change needles?

Update:20 Jul 2020

Full computer hosiery machine not only has more powerfu […]

Full computer hosiery machine not only has more powerful functions than imported similar products, but also has the advantages of high reliability and low price. Its functions and features are now briefly introduced as follows:
   1, 5F models can be woven into 12 colors for a single sock, and 6F models can be woven into 15 colors. 5F models can be woven with one primary color and 4 secondary colors in each row; 6F models have one secondary color.
  2. The knitting system is controlled by a computer.
   3. Maintain high-speed operation to improve the internal triangle.
   4. A stepping motor can be used to adjust the elastic yarn tension and weaving density.
   5. The yarn path and triangle are controlled by electronic pneumatics.
   6. Adopt sensor device to protect automatically.
  7. Adjustable automatic oil supply.
   8. Using Chinese graphic display interface. Large liquid crystal display (320×240 dot matrix), can provide clear display effect.
   9. The computer operation adopts graphical menu mode, which is easy to operate and the man-machine interface is very friendly.
  10, 2M memory, can store ultra-high pattern.
  11. The computer control box can drive up to 6 16-knife needle selectors, basic computer 64-way air valves, and expansion (T) computer 72-way air valves.
  12. Patterns and parameters can be input to the machine by disk, or output to the disk for storage.
   13. With power-off and continuous weaving function, the original knitting position can be saved when the machine is suddenly powered off.
        14. Adopt servo control technology to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.