How to wear computer socks and change needles?

Update:14 Mar 2020

1. The machine recognizes that this model is suitable f […]

1. The machine recognizes that this model is suitable for the production of plain and terry socks. Each row and column plus the main mouth can be made of six colors. Generally, the normal socks can produce 150 pairs per machine per shift, which can be double-rope and single-role Y. A variety of styles are adopted, and a suction device is used, and each sock ends automatically. Automatic oil supply, with socks counting and control functions, can display the output per shift. There are six ports in the machine. From the front of the machine, they are divided into the first port, the second port, the third port, the fourth port, the fifth port, and the sixth port. There are 8 shuttles on the main port, which are called No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 from right to left. There are 3 shuttles per port from the left to the other. To the right, it is called No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. The main No. 1 and No. 2 shuttles usually wear cotton yarn, which is often used for sock veil. The No. 3 shuttle is generally used for machine head thread, and No. 4 is usually used for nylon. No. 5 shuttle usually wears cotton yarn for head and veil, No. 6 shuttle usually wears spandex for sock bottom yarns, No. 7 and 8 shuttle often wears nylon or spandex for bottom line.
2. Operation panel There are three buttons on the right side of the operation panel of the machine. They are stop button, start button and jog button. When the machine is stopped, press the jog button, the machine will jog, and the speed of rotation is indicated by the L icon on the panel. Control, press the start button in the stop state, the machine runs. When the machine is running, press the stop button to stop the machine. F1, F2, F3, and F4 on the panel are function keys, and their functions are different in different states. In working condition. F1 is the speed limit key. Press 120 and then F1. The machine will not exceed 120 revolutions per minute when the machine is running. F2 is a chain stop, which means that the machine does not execute the steps of the flat chain and the pattern, but always runs at the original step. F3 is the end stop button, which means that the machine will stop automatically after the end of a sock. F4 has no effect. In addition, there are 26 English word lines and 10 number keys on the panel. Used for other operations. There are three function buttons on the left, and the upper left is the editing or working state conversion key. The middle left is the display brightness increase button, the next is the display brightness decrease button, and the bottom left is the backlight button. Change the size of the socks: press nS for the number of sizes produced. Sock tightness adjustment: Press the R key, if you want to modify the value, press 9999E, then move the cursor, the value is from 0 to 199, the smaller the value, the tighter the socks, the larger the value, the looser the socks. Press V key to turn back, press W key to turn up the page, modify the loop triangle elasticity, the operation is the same as above, modify the elastic band width, the same as above. Set the machine zero position: shake the first needle No. 1 to the triangle iron next to the press pin on the right side of the machine, press F4 + S, press S, F1 to exit and save.
3. Input / output operation: When the machine is in the state of zeroing, the key on the panel was turned to the right early, and now press the state switch key on the upper left corner, the machine is turned into the programming state. In this state, the machine can perform pattern and program input and output operations.