Maintenance and repair of hosiery

Update:20 Dec 2019

It all started with a blocker, familiar with the operat […]

It all started with a blocker, familiar with the operation of the machine. There are two types of single-needle and double-needle socks. Single-needle machines are now generally controlled by computers and have various national versions. Therefore, you must be familiar with the function and method of each button and learn to draw flowers. The double needle is mainly semi-computer, mainly for changing needles, and the other is relatively simple.
Different weaving methods, knitted fabrics can be divided into: weft knitting, warp knitting, warp and weft compound knitting
The knitting production process is short, the raw material is suitable, the product is widely used, the production efficiency of the needle strength machine is high, the labor intensity is low, the machine noise is small, and the floor area is small.
The loop is the basic structural unit of the knitted fabric
Coil composition: circle column, needle knitting arc, settlement arc
The main physical and mechanical indicators of knitted fabrics: loop length, density, underfill factor, thickness, looseness, curling
According to the type of needle, it can be divided into crochet machine, tongue machine, compound needle machine
The knitting machine consists of: a thread feeding or let-off mechanism, a knitting mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism, a transmission mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism
Auxiliary devices are: flower mechanism, automatic control mechanism, automatic fueling device, cleaning and dust removal device, various self-stop devices, counting devices
Kinds of knitted fabrics: original tissue, change tissue, pattern tissue
Weft stitch
Double rib tissue commonly known as cotton wool tissue
The method of representing the organizational structure of weft knitted fabrics, generally includes: structure diagram, craftsman diagram, knitting diagram
The structure unit of jacquard consists of coils and floating lines
Jacquard tissue can be divided into single-sided and double-sided, and there are monochrome (plain) and multi-color
Single-sided weft-knitted jacquard can be divided into two kinds of uniform structure and uneven structure according to whether the number of vertical coils of each front coil in a complete group
There are three main types of decorative yarn adding organizations: embroidery adding yarn organization, overhead adding yarn organization, and exchange adding yarn organization
There are generally three types of cushion yarn placement methods: straight cushion type, displacement type or mixed type. At present, most 1: 2 displacement types are used in flannel production.