Needle milling slot of socks machine cylinder includes adjacent input end, transmission set and output end

Update:10 Feb 2020

The input end, the multi-stage transmission group and t […]

The input end, the multi-stage transmission group and the power output end. The power input end includes a bevel gear, an input transmission shaft, and an input pinion. The output end includes the output pinion, the output drive shaft and the needle slot milling cutter corresponding to the syringe. The first group of pinions in the multi-stage transmission group is matched with the input pinion, and the last group of pinions and output The end pinion cooperates with the transmission.
Socks are weft-knitted textiles crocheted in a sock machine. The crochet needles and groceries are set in the grooves of the cylinder device, and the socks are knitted by its motion cooperation. The syringe device mainly includes a syringe main body and a Huff disk provided above the syringe main body. The center line of the syringe body and the Huff disk coincide. The circumference of the syringe body is evenly provided with a plurality of radial axial needle grooves. The Huff disk is also provided with several radially arranged needle grooves, and the crochet reciprocating movement realizes knitting in the needle grooves. In the prior art, the milling head of a milling machine is generally large and is usually operated in a vertical direction. However, due to the small diameter of the inner hole of the syringe body, a large-sized milling head cannot be used to directly process the inner hole of the syringe body. The depth is also large, and a small milling head is required to penetrate deeply to achieve the machining of the needle groove.
The working principle of the milling slot device of the hosiery cylinder is as follows: the main shaft of the milling head with a larger diameter of a conventional milling machine is converted into a power direction by a bevel gear, that is, the power in the vertical direction is converted into the horizontal direction by the power input end, Through the sequential transmission of the vertical multi-stage transmission group, the horizontal output of the power is finally achieved, that is, the horizontal output of the power output end, and a small-sized pin slot milling cutter is installed on the output end drive shaft to achieve a smaller inner hole. Needle slot processing of the syringe barrel; at the same time, the entire pin slot milling device is lengthened by the multi-stage transmission method of pinion and small transmission, which can realize the slot processing when the inner hole depth of the syringe barrel is deep.