Single syringe round sock machine concept

Update:23 Nov 2019

The single-cylinder round sock machine is a sock machin […]

The single-cylinder round sock machine is a sock machine that weaves long, medium, short stockings and pantyhose with a single syringe.
It can produce socks for various tissues such as flat needles, plating, tucks, jacquards, terry and crossbars. The main forming mechanism has a tongue, a sinker, a foot piece and a jacquard piece. The needle needle has a long, medium and short points. Generally, the long needle and the short needle are arranged on the half circumference of the needle. The lingual needle is woven in the cylinder groove for up and down movement. The sinker is placed between the latch needles for radial access. The function is to hold the coil when the loop is retracted and to pull the coil after looping. The loop length is determined by the distance of the needle from the plane of the sinker in the loop. The foot piece can transmit motion to the tongue, and the jacquard piece has multiple levels of teeth, which can be selected. After the needle is selected, the tongue moves according to different routes.
To decide whether to participate in weaving. The upper middle triangle and the left and right curved triangles of the round system of the sock machine are symmetrical triangles, so the knitting can be performed when the syringe is unidirectional or bidirectional. The jacquard triangle acts on the piece of the jacquard piece, which can raise the tongue to the height of the retraction, pass over the right curved triangle, press through the upper middle triangle, feed the yarn, and then descend along the left curved triangle. The new coil, take off the old coil, and then rise along the panel, and finally form a coil. If the jacquard piece is pushed into the barrel of the needle by the needle selection mechanism, the needle is not raised along the jacquard triangle, and the tongue is operated at a lower position, and the yarn is not looped at this time.