Ski socks.

Update:16 Nov 2018

The sport of skiing has become more and more popular an […]

The sport of skiing has become more and more popular and accepted and loved by everyone. This extreme sport is characterized by fast speed and steep slope. It is easy to stand in speed skating, especially the ankle is very easy to get hurt, so it is necessary to choose a pair of suitable ski socks.
Skiing special socks should be worn during skiing, but general long-sports socks can also be used (plus basketball socks, baseball and soft socks). Socks are only suitable for non-skiing time, mainly because the ski boots are all high-grade, the socks are too low, the skin is in direct contact with the snowshoe boots, and it is easy to cause swelling and pain due to friction. You only need to wear a pair of socks when skiing, unless the shoes are slightly larger, you can add more socks to adjust, because the socks are worn too much, sometimes affecting the feeling of skiing.
Ski socks should choose a high waist and good elasticity. It should not be too thick to ensure the flexibility of exercise.

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