Sock forming step

Update:15 Mar 2019

Three-step forming. On the single-sock socks machine, w […]

Three-step forming. On the single-sock socks machine, weaving socks are made, and the socks are finished on the rib machine, and can also be lined with elastic threads or spandex rib socks. Then, the socks are transferred to the socks of the socks machine through the burr, and then the socks, the heels, the socks, the reinforcement ring, the toe, the holding course, etc. are woven, and only one of the socks is open after the machine is lowered. Socks. In the future, it will be stitched into a sock by a sewing machine. Weaving into a sock requires three machines to complete.

Two-step forming. The flat socks are woven on the folding socks machine, which can automatically open the mouth and fold the mouth to form a flat needle double-layered sock, and then sequentially weave the various sections of the stocking. Another sock machine can be used to weave a flat-needle liner elastic or spandex pseudo-ring on a sock machine. Other machines can also be woven into single Luokou, double Luokou, etc., and weaving other sections after weaving. These kinds of socks are stitched into socks by sewing machine after they are dismounted. Weaving a sock requires only two machines to complete.

Formed in one step. The sock is transferred to the syringe by a set of piercing discs, which is called a "sleeve", and the sock is sutured and called "seam". These two processes are labor intensive, have low production efficiency, and consume raw materials. After technological innovation, China has developed a "single-program automatic sock machine" with its unique style, which makes the three processes of woven socks, hosiery and seams continuously formed on a sock machine.