Sock material - COOLMAX.

Update:06 Jul 2018

For sports socks , especially professional sports socks […]

For sports socks , especially professional sports socks with strong professional outdoor sports, there must be some special fiber additions to highlight its professional functionality. Among them, COOLMAX is often used. COOLMAX is a patented fiber product of DuPont of the United States. It is also called four-pipe shaped polyester fiber. Ordinary fiber cross-sections are mostly solid circular or elliptical, while COOLMAX is hollow and has a cross-section of ten, like four tubes that are juxtaposed together. This structure increases the contact area between the fibers and the air, and also ensures a lot of voids between the fabrics. This ensures that the COOLMAX fiber has strong hygroscopicity and moisture wicking and is doped with COOLMAX fiber. The fabric has good breathability. It should be noted that COOLMAX is a functional fiber that absorbs moisture, guides sweat, and breathes. It is not a warm fiber. It is simply a warm environment that keeps moisture out as dry as possible. THERMOLITE is a special thermal fiber.
THERMOLITE is also a patented fiber product of DuPont. It is a polyester fiber like COOLMAX, and the structure is also hollow. According to reports, THERMOLITE was inspired by the structure of the polar bear fur. Its cross section is round, and the middle is empty, like a tube, which can improve the bulkiness of the fiber and thus keep warm. The effect of this principle is somewhat similar to the warmth of down. The warmth of THERMOLITE is very good, and it also has a good wicking effect. It is an ideal material for winter warm socks. (To be clear here, in the case of socks, COOLMAX and THERMOLITE mainly use short fibers. During the wearing process, pilling is inevitable. The tighter the structure of the socks, the less the pilling will be. COOLMAX And THERMOLITE long fiber will not pilling, but it feels that the socks are hard, not suitable for thick socks, and it is good to make a thin single-function socks.