Socks machine classification

Update:12 Apr 2018

Hosiery Sorting Hosiery can be classified by needle bed […]

Hosiery Sorting Hosiery can be classified by needle bed type, needle type, and needle (bed) number. The flat Socks machine has a higher machine number. Production of flat stockings that vary the width of each section according to the shape of the feet and legs results in suture socks. The sock machine has a wide range of machine numbers. The tubular sock blank is produced by changing the size of the coils in each section, or by using elastic yarns, or weaving sock heads, socks, and other methods to adapt to the foot shape. The sock head of the tubular sock blank is closed into a seamless sock. Flat socks have low production efficiency, and round socks are widely used at present. Socks machine structure The sock machine mainly consists of a yarn supplying mechanism, a knitting mechanism, a needle selecting mechanism, a control mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a density adjusting mechanism, and a pulling mechanism. Some hosiery machines also have mouths and folds. Flat socks still have a transfer mechanism.