Socks maintenance operation principle.

Update:16 May 2018

First, the operating principle: 1, the power part The p […]

First, the operating principle:

1, the power part

The power part mainly includes the motor, electrical control box, and operating elements.

2. Transmission mechanism

(1) Transmission system The transmission mechanism of the Hosiery Machinery transfers the movement to the syringe and the control mechanism according to the knitting procedure of the sock. Single cylinder circular socks machine drive mechanism, such as.

The main axis is divided into two sections: spindle I and spindle II. The main shaft I is equipped with a crank handle l, an active belt pulley 2, a slow-speed reel from the fast reel 4 and a gear 8. The slow belt pulley is fixed with the main shaft l by the crank handle pin, and the gear 8 is also integrally assembled with the main shaft I, while the active belt pulley and the fast reel (connected with the jacket pinion 5) are all looped on the main shaft 1 on. When the drive belts are successively on the belt pulleys 2, 3, 4, the cylinders are stopped, slow-rotated and fast-rotated, respectively.

The clutch 9 is linked to the spindle II via a crescent key and can move left and right along the spindle II. When the clutch is moved to the right, it meshes with the left side of the gear 8 (position shown in Fig. 3-2). The shaft l and the shaft II are integrated and the needle cylinder rotates unidirectionally. The gear 8 meshes with the crank gear 7, and the crank gear 7 drives the sector gear 11 through the connecting rod 10 to swing. When the clutch is moved to the left and meshes with the right side surface of the gear 12, the axis I and the axis II are separated from each other, and the sector gear 11 is driven to reciprocate.

The sector gear is provided with two large and small stay plates 15 and 16, which respectively drive the push plate 2 and the sprocket 4 (see FIGS. 3 to 4) so as to drive the control mechanism of the sock machine.

At the lower part of the needle pinion gear 14, there is a gear 17 for driving the rubber band conveying device. A cam 19 is fixed to the inner side of the ring gear 13 on the main shaft II. The cam 19 is driven by a pull rod to change the yarn guide when the woven bar is wiped.

(2) Calculation of transmission ratio

When weaving different sections of a sock, the rotation speed and direction of rotation of the barrel need to be changed. The movement of the syringe has four forms: one-way fast, one-way slow, reciprocating fast, and reciprocating slow.