Socks production process.

Update:21 Jun 2018

From raw materials entering the factory to the finished […]

From raw materials entering the factory to the finished socks factory , there are many processes that must be carried out in certain conditions and under certain conditions in sequence. The entire process is the sock production process. Socks factory production process must be based on raw material properties, finished product requirements, equipment used and other conditions. Reasonable processes can shorten the production cycle, achieve high quality, high output, and low cost.
Before the product is put into production, it mainly passes several steps of sample, duplicate sample, validation and production. The processing of raw materials includes dyeing and weaving first, dyeing after weaving first, and determining the process according to the products, raw materials and equipment. At present, most cotton socks and stretch nylon stockings are first dyed and then woven, while plain cotton socks and nylon stockings are first dyed after weaving. Now take four kinds of socks as an example, simply list the production process.
Fancy cotton socks
Twisted raw materials → scouring → mercerizing → dyeing → winder → weaving mouth → socks → inspection → sewing head → inspection → hot socks → finishing → finished products.
Stretch nylon stockings
Twisted raw materials → dyeing → reeling → weaving mouth → hosiery → inspection → sewing head → inspection → setting → finishing → finished products.
Plain cotton socks
Cartridge raw materials→winding→woven mouth→hobby hosiery→testing→stitching→inspection→staining→hot stocking→sorting→finished product delivery.
Polyester stockings
Cartridge raw material → weaving Luokou → Luokou stereotypes → hosiery → inspection → sewing head → inspection → first stereotypes → dyeing → second stereotypes → finishing → finished products.