Stockings can be divided into materials according to the material?

Update:22 Dec 2018

Ordinary nylon yarn: Common nylon silk stockings belong […]

Ordinary nylon yarn: Common nylon silk stockings belong to early products, the biggest drawback is poor elasticity and low transparency.
Crystal wire: This material has a great improvement in transparency, so that the color of the stockings is no longer rigid, but the shortcomings of poor elasticity have not been improved, and the hand feel is rough.
Core-wrapped wire: It has high transparency and excellent elasticity. It overcomes the defects of nylon wire and crystal wire, and its feel is smooth and smooth. It belongs to mainstream products.
Velvet: Velocity is slightly inferior to the cored wire, but the elasticity is much higher, not only better, but also warmer.
Combed cotton: The combing machine is used to comb the fibers during the processing of cotton fibers, and the various impurities of the fibers are almost completely removed. Fabrics made from this cotton will feel better.