The advantages and technical characteristics of the double-cylinder multifunctional socks machine

Update:04 Jan 2020

FZ-Computer Double Syringe Multifunctional Sock Knittin […]

FZ-Computer Double Syringe Multifunctional Sock Knitting Machine is a computer-controlled full computer non-drum double-needle socks knitting machine. Weaving machine. In particular, multiple shuttles can be operated continuously, and socks of four colors can be knitted. This type of equipment has a simple machine structure and convenient repairs, which can guarantee high-efficiency production and extremely high production efficiency.
1. All actions are controlled by computer program without roller.
2. It is driven by servo motor and can be adjusted steplessly.
3. Complete alarm system (broken needle, broken wire, needle tongue failure and electronic failure).
4. Automatic lubricating system adopts pneumatic oil supply pump to provide quantitative oil supply.
5, weave "Ya" heel.
6, 6-color yarn changing device.
7, pattern and program input and output using U disk.