The characteristics of stovepipe socks.

Update:30 Jan 2019

1. Prevent the appearance of varicose veins. 2, improve […]

1. Prevent the appearance of varicose veins.
2, improve the swelling of the legs, swelling, heavy and other symptoms.
3. Beautify the curve of the leg and make the leg curve slim.
4, according to the "venous fluid dynamics" principle, the adoption of the progressive segment pressure design can prevent leg fatigue.
5, can promote the circulation of blood in the legs, and enhance the elasticity of the leg muscles.
6, can partially reduce fat, shaping a beautiful curve.
7. Pressurize the blood vessels with gentle pressure to help the blood of the lower limbs flow back smoothly to the heart and promote blood circulation.
8, ultra-high elastic weave - carved plastic calf curve
9, slow down the calf edema, deformation, soreness, thickening, muscle pain, embossing, dullness, and accelerated circulation of blood in the legs.
10. Prevent and treat varicose veins. Pregnant women with edema. The legs are sore. Beauty. Sculpture beautiful legs.
11. Wearing this Native socks can effectively perform macro massage, high-pressure progressive pressure design--promoting peripheral nerve blood circulation, reducing/eliminating various pains, causing symptoms of blood clots or numbness caused by long-distance aircraft or sitting for a long time. Can be improved!
12, using the principle of sequential decompression, from the calf ankle to the thigh pressure cycle diminishing, promote blood circulation, stovepipe. Therefore, it can play a very good stovepipe effect and plastic leg effect.