The forming process of socks.

Update:13 Jun 2018

Socks are shaped products. Weave a complete shape of th […]

Socks are shaped products. Weave a complete shape of the socks, the weaving method and process, because of the type of socks and socks machine characteristics are different, roughly the following forms.
Three-step forming
The socks on the single-cylinder hosiery machinery are knitted by socks. The socks are finished on the rib machine and they can also be lined with elastic yarn or spandex rib socks. Then transfer the socks through the puncture plate to the sock machine barrel, and weave socks, socks, stockings, reinforcement rings, sock heads, holding courses and other sections. After the machine is just a sock open. Socks blanks. In the future, the socks will be sewed by stitching machines. Weaving a sock requires three machines.
Two-step forming
Knit flat socks on the folded sock machine, which can automatically raise the mouth and fold, forming a flat sock double sock mouth, after the sequence of knitting socks blank sections. Another type of sock machine can weave a false needle on a sock machine with a flat needle pad elastic or spandex. Other machines can also be woven into single and double brocades, and weave other segments after weaving. These kinds of socks are stitched into a sock after being machined. Weaving a sock requires only two machines.
The double cylinder sock machine has two syringes, upper and lower. The socks of the ribbed socks and the portions of the socks may be knitted on the sock machine, but the sewing heads are still to be made after the machine is turned off. It also belongs to two-step forming.
One step forming
The sock mouth is transferred to the barrel by a puncture plate to be called a "sleeve," and the sock is sutured to be called a "slit head." These two processes are labor-intensive, have low production efficiency, and consume raw materials at the same time. After technological innovation, China has developed a "single-cycle automatic sock machine" with a unique style in China. The three processes of weaving hosiery, hosiery, and sewing are continuously formed on a hosiery machine.