The principle of stovepipe socks

Update:26 Jan 2019

Because leg edema is caused by internal venous congesti […]

Because leg edema is caused by internal venous congestion (varicose veins), varicose veins are mainly formed by keeping the same posture for a long time, such as standing, sedentary, and the like. Usually, women have poor blood circulation function in their legs, and they maintain the same posture for a long time. The edema of the legs is more obvious. The stovepipe socks can press the thigh from the outside to maintain normal muscle movement and cause the blood to flow to the heart with different pressures.

The pressure on the ankle is greater and the pressure on the thigh is smaller; the blood flows from the high pressure portion to the lower pressure portion. With the help of professional pressure gradient design, the pressure is gradually decreased from the ankle, and the blood vessels are pressurized by contracting the calf muscles, promoting venous blood return to the heart, preventing venous congestion of the lower extremities, ensuring good blood circulation in the lower vein, and helping the limbs to swell and pain. The symptoms disappear.
The stovepipe socks are based on the concept of "pressure therapy" to solve the problem of edema in the human leg. By pressurizing the legs from the outside, the blood circulation is improved and the lymph circulation is promoted. The minimum pressure applied to the ankle exceeds 8 hectopascals (6 mm Hg). The closer to the heart, the lower the pressure; from the ankle to the lower leg, from the thigh to the heart, the pressure is diminished.