Varicose stockings

Update:15 Feb 2019

Varicose stocking is a product that promotes venous blo […]

Varicose stocking is a product that promotes venous blood return to the heart. It is a medical treatment device, a medical device for treating varicose diseases. It is not an ordinary sock, it is the force and distribution of the force, the highest support pressure is established in the ankle, gradually decreasing along the leg, and the calf is reduced to 70%-90% of the maximum pressure value at the thigh. Reduced to 25%-45% of the maximum pressure, this diminishing change in pressure can cause venous return of the lower extremities, effectively alleviating or improving the pressure on the venous and venous valves of the lower extremities.

The "varicose stockings" that have been strictly approved and certified by the State Food and Drug Administration have the effect of preventing and relieving varicose veins, but they do not function as a treatment. When the traffic valve is destroyed, mild swelling, itchy skin and hyperpigmentation appear in the upper part of the medial malleolus and need to go to the hospital.