What are the advantages of wearing pantyhose?

Update:16 Aug 2018

There are many reasons to wear pantyhose . Transparent […]

There are many reasons to wear pantyhose . Transparent pantyhose that matches the complexion enhances the look of the legs and makes the legs look smooth and shiny. Dark pantyhose shapes the shape of the leg and makes the leg look slim. Brown pantyhose gives a nice interpretation of the tanned legs: a pair of "instant tanning" legs. Pantyhose also has practical value, it can keep warm in cold weather, and even make people can show their legs in winter.
Adding spandex (or lycra, Spandex) pantyhose can over-stress to promote blood circulation in the legs. Pantyhose is a standard outfit in today's world office where they are seen as a professional form of women's clothing. Although the girls are directly exposed to bare legs, socks are still needed in business situations where formal dressing is required. Some uniformed schools often require the wearing of designated socks (some are pantyhose or tights) as part of the uniform. In colder weather, girls often wear cotton, wool or cotton-wool pantyhose for warmth.