What are the classification and configuration functions of hosiery machines?

Update:04 Nov 2020

Hosiery machines can be classified according to needle […]

Hosiery machines can be classified according to needle bed method, knitting needle type and number of needle cylinders (beds). The flat hosiery machine has a higher bar number. It produces flat hosiery pieces that change the total width of each section according to the shape of the feet and legs. After surgical stitching, there are stitched socks. The round hosiery machine has a wide range of body sizes. The production and manufacture of tube-shaped sock blanks rely on changing the size of the loops of each section, or using elastic cotton yarn, or knitting and forming the toe and heel to integrate the foot shape.




The toe of the tube-shaped sock blank is closed to form a seamless splicing sock. The productivity of flat hosiery machines is low, and circular hosiery machines are widely used later. Hosiery machine structure The key of the circular hosiery machine is composed of yarn feeding mechanism, knitting mechanism, needle selection mechanism, control mechanism, transmission mechanism, density adjustment mechanism and stretching mechanism. Some hosiery machines also have opening and folding mechanisms. The flat hosiery machine also has a transfer mechanism. All the knitting processes of the hosiery machine are operated by computer-controlled valves, which reduces the damage to the characteristics due to mechanical wear and increases the maintenance pressure.

The hosiery machine adopts full computer control without roller barrel, and the main motor adopts 1.0RW servo motor. All functions are controlled by electronic valves, and the density is controlled by stepping motors. The hosiery machine adopts the highly sensitive disconnect and needle break protection equipment of the automatic grease system software. The pattern can be stored in case of power failure or other reasons. The USB pattern design can be used to transfer the USB to store several patterns, making the pattern change more reliable and stable. The computer-controlled area box can store two additional patterns, and can be rotated and changed at will, and the left and right socks can be automatically changed during work after setting.

The drawing system software of the hosiery machine can be designed by WINDOW98/2000/XP. It can self-check the fault and stop automatically, and the cause of the fault can be displayed on the LCD screen. The hosiery machine uses an automatic system to control the oil supply. After the needle cylinder is removed and replaced, the number of knits and needle positions are changed on the keyboard. This equipment uses automatic yarn suction nozzles to reduce the clogging of the suction nozzles to cause injections. The equipment also uses effective waste silk collection and double filters to easily solve the problem of blocked suction doors and reduce the consumption of suction fans.