What are the functions and principles of the sock setting machine?

Update:16 Nov 2020

The sock setting machine adopts the principle of freque […]

The sock setting machine adopts the principle of frequency conversion, which can adjust the setting cycle time and setting working pressure according to the different sock material, sock style, and thickness. It can save energy and reduce steam consumption. It shows a controllable and well-balanced back Sort out merchandise. Various socks and pantyhose woven from various stretch cotton and nylon yarns and core-spun yarns can make your products look more beautiful and elegant, the colors are more gorgeous, and the clothes are more gentle and comfortable.





The sock shaping process is to first make the support points of the socks into different shapes and sizes according to the socks of different specifications and models, and then apply the shaping machine to determine the shape through ultra-high pressure. Therefore, whether a pair of socks is shaped well or not well, flatness, size, and difference are all closely related to the working pressure, temperature and holding time of the shaping. The temperature, working pressure and time of the sock setting machine are automatically controlled by an intelligent control system. The stereotyped programming design is automatic heating, automatic heat preservation, automatic pressure maintaining, automatic pressure relief, and automatic time control. The time, temperature and working pressure can be modified at will. Several technological processes can be set, and several heating sections can be set for each process. After the working procedure is set, the machine and equipment can work automatically.

Socks setting machines are commonly used in the textile industry. In specific applications, they are not only used to shape socks, but also in rubber glove setting, cotton yarn setting, clothing printing color retention, curtain cloth setting, clothing setting, cotton yarn lifting anti-tide and other textile processes Give full play to key functions. The socks setting machine is especially suitable for technical professional socks factories and textile product processing factories. It has the effect of shaping long and short stockings, heel stockings, integrated pants, pair stockings, pantyhose, etc. The sock setting machine can adopt three control methods: PLC automatic control, semi-automatic control and manual control. There are many options for electric heating, electric steam heating, steam heating, indirect steam heating, electromagnetic heating, heat transfer oil heating, etc.