What are the maintenance techniques for knitting machines?

Update:13 Jul 2020

With the development of science and technology, many ma […]

With the development of science and technology, many machines have replaced labor. For example, in the garment manufacturing industry, a tool knitting machine is often needed. It can help to deal with things that cannot be handled manually. Weaving machine weaving technology is very good, but any kind of machine has a service life, so we need to maintain it during the use of the weaving machine. The following describes the maintenance skills of the knitting machine.
1. Maintenance is required before the knitting machine works. Before starting the knitting machine, we need to confirm that it is intact, so its maintenance work is not only carried out when it is run, but it should be paid attention to before it is run.
2.In the process of using the knitting machine, to do a good job of maintenance, the main task is to maintain the knitting machine parts. During each use of the knitting machine, make sure that the parts are intact. It is also necessary to regularly maintain its parts. Once it is found that its parts are damaged, it is necessary to replace new parts in time. Only by doing this can we confirm that the knitting machine is intact. A strange sound appears during the use of the knitting machine. It may be that its parts have malfunctioned. At this time, it will stop working immediately for inspection and maintenance.
3. After using the knitting machine, pay attention to check it. Regular inspection and maintenance work can solve small problems. Therefore, in the maintenance work, we must know to discover the small problems that can be avoided in time.