What are the other structures of the hosiery machine?

Update:26 Oct 2020

Other structures of hosiery machines are as follows: Th […]

Other structures of hosiery machines are as follows:

The hosiery door is also called the butterfly door. A kind of "thread guide" seat recess closing device on circular hosiery machine. The movable door is divided into left and right pieces, which are directly installed in the recess of the yarn guide seat. When the yarn guide enters or exits work, the valve can be automatically pushed open. The function of the valve is to prevent the needle tongue of these sock needles from being in the groove of the yarn guide seat when the heel of the sock is knitted, and some sock needles rise and exit Automatically turn up and crash in the mouth

The main parts of the sock machine that are used to control program changes. It is a ratchet with unequal pitch. The size of the tooth pitch is related to the time required to change the program. For programs with many parts and long time that need to be changed, the corresponding tooth pitch on the push plate is large, and vice versa. Generally, there are several ratchet teeth on the push plate, so it is necessary to change the program several times to knit a sock.

The main parts of the control mechanism of the hosiery machine for the hosiery machine. It is divided into large and small supporting plates, which are installed on the sector wheels. As shown in the figure, every time the needle cylinder rotates, the sector wheel will reciprocate once, and the large and small support plates will also reciprocate accordingly, and the two movement directions are opposite. When the small support plate moves forward, it supports one tooth of the chain disc saw gear, and drives the chain to turn through 1/3 of the link. See "Mariniao Steel Plate" for the action of big support.