What are the precautions in the assembly and maintenance of the braiding machine?

Update:17 Aug 2020

Some parts of the braiding machine are:    Spindle brac […]

Some parts of the braiding machine are:
   Spindle brackets, sliding seats, etc., after being overhauled and disassembled or when new parts are replaced and reassembled, the precise distance between the sliding seat and the braiding line of the lower spindle must be ensured. It is recommended to place a sliding frame and its upper spindle to run on the sliding turntable, so that when the lower braided thread is guided from the pendulum rod to the knitting point, it will not be hooked or cut off by the sliding frame.
   During coarse adjustment, put the spindles on the two adjacent outer spindle supports, and guide the knitting line to the knitting point through the pendulum rod, and stack it tightly. When the braided thread enters or exits from the slot on the slide turntable track, the distance from the edge of the upper spindle slide frame must be substantially equal. The adjustment of the distance can be realized by changing one or several gears of the gear carrier forward or backward. If the precise adjustment distance cannot be achieved by moving one tooth, the fine adjustment can be carried out according to the following steps: loosen the five fixing screws on the inner gear ring. Since the through hole is elliptical, moving the inner gear ring can realize the fine adjustment of the sliding frame. Tighten the screws after adjusting in place. Place the remaining sliding frames evenly on the sliding ring track. If the swing height of the braided line of the new swing rod is different after installation, it should be adjusted so that all the swing rods have the same stopping point.
Many failures occurred when the braiding machine was used improperly in the process:
  1. Warp tension control: the warp yarns are inconsistent in length from the opening to the maximum height and at the heald level. Since the glass fiber basically has no stretch, it is necessary to select an appropriate warp tension control system such as a grinding disc tensioner to control the yarn tension.
  2. Fabric complete side structure: adopts shuttle loom structure; weft tension control is the key point.
  3. The thickness and width of the fabric: Considering the influence of thickness in the beating-up process, it is necessary to ensure that the opening is clear, and the height of the shuttle movement should be reserved enough.