What are the product features and uses of hosiery machines?

Update:09 Nov 2020

The hosiery machine has symmetrical heating and adjusta […]

The hosiery machine has symmetrical heating and adjustable temperature. The applied working voltage is 200V-230V50HZ, and it is equipped with automatic leakage protector. The hosiery machine is environmentally friendly and highly efficient. It can be used up and down within ten minutes after connecting to the power supply (see the critical pressure in practice). The specific application output power of each hosiery board is 100W-250W (in the size of the hosiery board), and a worker can Operate 4-8 sock boards, the sock can be set in 8-10 seconds after the socks are set (the temperature setting of the socks is based on the raw material of the socks), and the production capacity of one worker is 200-300 pairs per hour.




The needle-moving component of the hosiery machine adopts Japanese production technology, which has extremely high reliability and wear resistance. A non-manual full-computer automatic control system, with UPS continuous power system software, can maintain hand-knitting memory programs and postures when the power is off, and hand-knit again when dialing the phone to reduce the loss of high-efficiency electrical control cabinets. A USB interface is embedded in the hosiery machine for convenient material loading. The design scheme of double pick and double lift needles makes the production capacity and quality higher than the traditional single lift needle. Super multi-color design, up to 2 background colors + 5 jacquard (16 colors).

The elastic yarn of the hosiery machine is controlled by a stepping motor to control the yarn feeding amount, which can be woven into multi-changing tube diameters, and someone orders and provides two colors for selection (optional). The fabric density, speed, length, specification, product quantity, pattern, transmission chain, etc. can be set or adjusted immediately according to the main console computer on the equipment. There are multiple languages for customers to choose to display information, common fault information, solution reference methods, total production and manufacturing, speed and other materials. The information is displayed through the LCD on the equipment, making it easy for the operator to grasp the equipment. With a large memory capacity, a variety of graphics and specifications can be stored in the hosiery machine.

The hosiery machine adopts a new generation of graphics system software, which is convenient and quick to operate, easy to understand and easy to understand, with perfect functions. Both PIC and BMP files are universal. The graphics system software is built-in for transformation, development, and self-developed design, a high-efficiency mobile phone software that can cooperate with the graphics to instantly and automatically change the three-d weaving method. The hosiery machine has the characteristics of textile multi-color and floating flower actual effect pattern and multi-joint increase production. It is universally suitable for textile all kinds of latest models, men, women, children's stockings, tights, terry socks, hair friends Products such as loops, wrist guards, headbands, invisible socks, and five-finger socks.