What is the difference between sports socks and business socks.

Update:02 May 2018

There are three main differences: The difference is: th […]

There are three main differences:
The difference is: the business socks pay attention to the appearance, while the sports socks pay attention to the quality, that is, the appearance of the business socks is better than the sports socks, and the sports socks are of good quality.
The difference between the two: business socks to wear soft, thin, sports socks are relatively thick and relatively rough.
The difference between the three: sports socks wear, rough texture, business socks are relatively soft, the protection of the feet without sports socks strong.
The raw material of business socks determines the appearance of business socks, comfort and other indicators. The natural fiber content of good business socks should be above 60%. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp, and mulberry silk. Currently, the mainstream material for high-end business socks at home and abroad is mercerized cotton. Hemp is more sweat-absorbent, but hemp-made socks have poor smoothness and flatness; silk is high-grade and stiff, and costs are high. The mercerized socks made of mercerized cotton not only has the natural characteristics of pure cotton moisture absorption and breathability, but also has the advantages of smoothness, smoothness, and soft anti-wrinkle.
Sports socks are a kind of socks, also known as Luokou thick line socks or pull back socks, the appearance of the same with the general single socks, the thickness of the yarn and the number of the root yarn, and other single Luo socks are clearly different . Sports socks are generally woven from four 36s (16s) or five 28s (21s) yarns. Due to the use of thicker threads and numerous roots, the texture is thick, strong and durable, suitable for sports enthusiasts to wear Sports socks can be worn comfortably, can protect the feet, and have better moisture absorption and wicking than normal socks.