What is the name of the stocking equipment?

Update:23 Mar 2019

This equipment is a yarn setting machine. Yarn shaping […]

This equipment is a yarn setting machine.
Yarn shaping machine:
The yarn setting machine adopts the indirect steaming method to extract the dry air in the steaming machine by vacuuming, and at the same time reduce the boiling point of the water, so that the water in the steamer's water tank can be boiled at a minimum temperature of 50 ° C to generate low-temperature saturated steam, from low temperature to low temperature. High temperature uniform, precise and gentle steaming of yarns or fabrics.
The yarn setting machine adopts microcomputer programming to control the steaming process, and the temperature control is accurate to 0.5 °C, ensuring that the steaming process is accurately reproduced according to the preset process. Due to the indirect steaming method from low temperature to high temperature, when the yarn temperature is the lowest, the steam temperature is also the lowest, the condensed water is avoided to the utmost, and the yarn is uniformly and softly steamed. The yarn setting machine adopts the automatic door opening mode. When the steaming process program is executed, the door will be automatically opened after the air pressure is automatically balanced, completely avoiding the influence of human factors on the steaming process. The cylinder and flange of the steamer are made of stainless steel, which completely avoids the contamination of the yarn by rust.