What is the role of the zero position needle in the socks machine?

Update:15 Nov 2019

Features 1, 5F model single socks can be woven into 12 […]

1, 5F model single socks can be woven into 12 colors, 6F models can be woven into 15 colors. Each line of the 5F model can be woven into one main color and four auxiliary colors; the 6F model has one more auxiliary color.
2. The weaving system is controlled by a computer.
3. Maintain high speed operation to improve the internal triangle.
4. The stepper motor can be used to adjust the tension and weaving density of the elastic yarn.
5. The yarn path and triangle are controlled by electro-pneumatics.
6, using the sensor device automatic protection.
7, adjustable automatic oil supply.
8, using Chinese graphic display interface. Large LCD display (320 × 240 dot matrix), can provide a clear display.
9. The computer operation adopts the graphical menu mode, which is easy to operate and the human-machine interface is very friendly.
10, 2M memory, can store super high flower type.
11. The computer control box can drive up to 6 16-pulse selectors, the basic computer 64-way air valve, and the extended (T) computer 72-way air valve.
12. The pattern and parameters can be input to the machine from the disk or from the machine to the disk.
13. It has the function of power-off and continuous weaving, which can save the original knitting position when the machine is suddenly powered off.
14, using servo control technology to ensure smooth operation of the machine.