What should I pay attention to when buying a sock knitting machine?

Update:19 Aug 2019

Socks: Choose socks and socks to be large, in the shape […]

Socks: Choose socks and socks to be large, in the shape of a bag, as close as possible to the human foot. The heel of the socks is too small, causing the socks to sag when worn and the socks to slip to the bottom of the socks. Socks: The density of the sock is large, requiring a horizontal pull to be nearly double wide and good recovery. If the elasticity is small and the horizontal pull is not easy to reset, it is also one of the causes of the slip when the socks are worn. The size of the sock is based on the size of the bottom of the sock (the part of the sock to the tip of the sock), and the general size is marked on the mark.

It is better to choose equal or slightly larger size according to the length of the foot, and it is not suitable to select small. Process: Check if the seam interface is off the needle. Generally, the seam of the sock is a single process, and the needle is opened when the needle is worn. When selecting, it should be checked from the seam head whether there are needles, holes and broken wires. Because the socks are knitwear, they have certain extensibility and elasticity. Generally, broken yarns and small holes are not easy to find. Therefore, when purchasing, check the shape of the bottom of the sock and the sock, and gently pull it to view it. The length of the socks is checked. Because each pair of socks is optional, it is prone to unequal length. Generally, the difference between each pair of first-class products should be no more than 0.5cm.