4.5" Fully Computerized socks machine Manufacturers


4.5" Fully Computerized socks machine

Function summary: (this is for your reference only.)

1.Can choose one color or double color elastic.

2.6 color in 1 line,total 13color in one sock.

3.tertiaryTerry function,can knlit high heel Jeft ande rightfoot,180anainstsock mouth,two colors sock heads and heel.
Function summary: (this is for your reference only.)
4.can select the socks of varicose veins connected rubberfully.

5.can amoulding(invisible)boat cocks.

6.2pcs bottom yarn feeder.

7.can make 3D socks.

8.knit athletic and health care cosks panty hose,like half folcking socks,clockwaise and reversed terry socks thick terry socks football sock,ski sock,fine needle terry pantyhose and so on.

9.stand-by battery protection and storage procedure.

10.UPS device can support continuing weaving.

11.The machine utilizes new line holder and infrared ray device.

4.5" Fully Computerized socks machine Specifications

Model Diameter Of Needle Number Of Threads And Needle Selector Technical  Specification Main Product

48-168 Spininess Tabby 6 

Electronic Needle Selectors

Highest Rotary Speed 230 

Rotation 13 Plaiting Shuttles 8 

Pneumatic Main Shuttles

The machine in addition to routine for the market. 

 Suitable for making socks have about the socks:  

Half wool socks, with thick socks, football socks,  

Ski socks, vein diastolic socks