WF-6F-C Incoming Line Multi-function socks machine Manufacturers


WF-6F-C Incoming Line Multi-function socks machine

Function summary: (this is for your reference only.)

1. single way main weaving, five-way jacquard.

2. Imitated double-needle rib collar

3. double-way main weaving, double-way cross jacquard.

4. Woven hidden socks and tertiary industrial socks and fat pattern socks

5. The same line has five colors and it can reach 10 colors exchange in pattern of socks.

6. High-heel, large-heel, small-heel, left-right foot, 180。 reversed sock mouth, two-color sock head/sock heel.

7. stand-by battery protection and storage procedure.

8. UPS device can support continuing weaving.

9. During double thumbtack needle weaving process, the angle becomes small gradually and output is improved greatly.

10. According to demand of customer, customize all kinds of special models.

WF-6F-C Incoming Line Multi-function socks machine Specifications

Model Diameter Of Needle number of threads and needle selector Technical  Specification Technical  Specification

56-200 Spininess Tabby 

Five Electronic Needle Selectors

Highest Rotary Speed 

320 Rotation 10 Plaiting

 Shuttles 8 Pneumatic

 Main Shuttles

Main weaving method is 8 

pneumatic yarn mouth, 

secondary weaving method 

is 4 pneumatic yarn mouth, 

5 colors are paralleling in the 

same line and it can reach 10 

color exchange in the pattern of socks.


56-200 Threads Of Loops 

56-200 Threads Of Tabby 

Five Electronic Needle Selectors