WF-6F-B Fully Computerized socks machine Manufacturers


WF-6F-B Fully Computerized socks machine

Function summary: (this is for your reference only.)

1 .One way incoming line has six colors

2.Rubber string (can select two), weave different colors.

3.The same line has six colors and it can reach 13 colors exchange in pattern of socks.

4.High-heel, large-heel, smal卜heel, left-right foot, 180o reversed sock mouth, two-color sock head/sock heel, small 3D.

5.During double thumbtack needle weaving process,the angle becomes small gradually and output is improved greatly.

WF-6F-B Fully Computerized socks machine Specifications

Model Diameter Of Needle Main Product number of threads and needle selector Technical Specification

manufacturing common socks

 in the market, the machine also

 can manufacture three-dimensional

 pattern of socks made from special

 materials such as cony hair, wool yarn,

 half-side wool, etc.

72-176 Threads Tablet: 72-200 Threads
6 Needle Selectors

Highest Rotary Speed Of Loop 

Shaking Hourly Speed: 

280rpm Heel Making Hourly Speed: 250rpm

Highest Rotary Speed Of Tabby: 

Shaking Hourly Speed: 320rpm 


Heel Making Hourly Speed: 270rpm
13 Plaiting Shuttles, Main Weaving Method, 

8 Pneumatic Shuttles, 

Automatic-yarn Exchange